Monday 21 May 2012


Welcome to the first blog that we wrote to correspond with our updated website!  We hope that you stop to read this and remember to check back frequently for more updates on candle/home fragrance and personal care trends and other happenings here at the DMC Visions Design Group.

As I write this, summer is approaching quite quickly.  A decade ago, that would potentially mean a slight summer slowdown for the months of May through July.  After all, who wants to burn candles when it’s so warm outside?  However, we have been noticing over the last number of years that we seem to be quite busy year-round.  In fact, we seem to be spending much of June and July knee-deep in Christmas and winter fragrances.  It seems to be somewhat incongruous (in our part of the world anyway) to be in the middle of a heat wave and smelling Pine, Cranberry and Apple CIder!  Just a quick plug for all of you who think summer is too early to order your holiday/winter products!  We do get very busy in the fall, so it is never too soon to start planning ahead so that you are well stocked for when you need it!

This time of year is also good if you are planning to do some changes to your own candle or personal care line.  Do you want to add a line of candles to your product offering or do you have an existing program in need of re-vamping?  Do you currently produce your own candles or personal care products but find that you’ve outgrown your facilities or perhaps you haven’t the time to keep up with demand?  Consider using DMC Visions Design Group to produce your candle, home fragrance, or personal care line.  We offer both complete turnkey production including component sourcing/assembly and simple contract filling service.  We pride ourselves in our flexibility and can fill your custom candle or personal care order for 1,000 units or 100,000+ units quickly. Our spacious production facility and our connections to many suppliers makes our rates competitive and cost effective.  Whether it’s standard votive candles, the most unique jar, or luxurious hand cream, DMC Visions Design Group can make the product development process as easy and efficient as possible.

Summer is here. Get out and enjoy the warmth and new life of the season. It’s time to break out the deck chairs and sunscreen.  As you’re sweating through a heat wave and trying to decide your design scheme for the next winter season, remember to contact DMC Visions Design Group for all of your candle and personal care product needs…